Danielle McMullin

Volvo Cars of Fort Washington Fort Washington PA

Position: Product Specialist

Time with Volvo Cars of Fort Washington: I have been in the automotive industry for 7 years and 6 years with Volvo and 8 months with Volvo Cars of Fort Washington.

Hometown: Bensalem, PA

Likes an Interests: Love anything to do with history or old things. Used to have a small vintage and antique store but I still collect as a hobby and I am a Diehard Eagles Fan.

Favorite Food: Italian is my favorite type of food and La Stalla is one of my favorite restaurants but I could actually live on ice cream if I had to.

What does your Customer experience look like? : I focus on the experience during and continue it into after the buying process. Important to form a lasting bond with my customers by always being available to help with any questions or needs for the life of their vehicle.

Why do you believe in Volvo? I believe Volvo Cars are the safest cars on the road. My very first customer was my father. He drives like he thinks he is Mario Andretti. I TRULY sleep better at night knowing that I cant always protect and keep him safe, but I know he always will be at least while he is driving.

Favorite Volvo: The XC90. I find the space, the comfort and the thoughtful details Volvo incorporated make it the perfect car for families and our furbabies. I also find that regardless of it being a male or female owner, it doesn't look too feminine or masculine. Its perfect for everyone.

Email: dmcmullin@volvocarsfw.com

Phone: (267) 254-4416

A dealership and the 'dealership experience' is truly about the people and folks who represent it. Over the years, I have to come to research/understand 'the works' of what drives retail car buying experience, metrics, black book value - you name it; and can truly say this - not all dealerships are equal. I went in really to see/compare an Xc60. I must say, Danielle Mcmullin is an amazing sales person. She worked with us in getting a 'fair' deal. The car market is at a weird place right now ( which will eventually settle ) so pushing anything is hard these days. She was attentive, highly personable and addressed any questions we had. She and the team created a good car buying experience overall. I had an issue with the xc60 I had received. Danielle and the team worked hard in making sure the issue was resolved and did all the best to make sure the issue was resolved. The car buying exp is largely about repeat customers, especially the luxury car buying process. It's more the book of business than anything else. I can say I will definitely be back to buy more cars from this dealership in the future!-Dibyendu

Big thanks to Danielle for making this the best car buying experience I have ever had. I am extremely satisfied with my V60 Polestar. Danielle was super helpful from the first contact and throughout the entire process. Thank you!-Bruce

If you want to buy a car get a Volvo, and if you want to buy a Volvo then must get it from Danielle at Volvo Fort Washington, PA. We all have our own opinions about car sales representatives. Most of them are not good! Lol. Danielle changed our mind the moment we met her. To her it's not just about selling the car but it's also about making sure that the whole process goes smoother. She will make sure she finds you the right car and help you can to get the best-est deal available. We totally forgot about A-plan. She mentioned it and helped us to get our A-plan. Another best quality about her is the communication. Doesn't matter what time it is, or how busy it is, if I have sent her a text, she will respond to that. She will make sure to make a personal connection with you and won't just forget you after she sell you a car. She also made my 5 year old boy happy by gifting him a Volvo XC90 toy car!!! We had such a nice experience, I would highly highly recommend them.-Farial

This dealership is undergoing a dramatic turnaround, owing in large part to a revamped sales and service team. I recently purchased a new vehicle from Danielle McMullin, one of the most effective sales associates I've had the pleasure of working with. Danielle was a product expert, well able to identify and anticipate my needs, and clearly the heart of what is a new customer-centric vibe at the dealership. I can't overstate how impressive my experience with her was. My previous experience with this dealership was lackluster, even poor, and that's being generous. This dealership's leadership and Volvo corporate should really thank, acknowledge, and reward employees like this, who singlehandedly helped transform my opinion of Volvo from bland to grand. I'm incredibly grateful for everything Danielle did on my behalf, and I hope the company recognizes how important her contributions are. I'd recommend her and this reinvigorated dealership in a heartbeat. I have 2 words for why my survey ratings are so high: Danielle McMullin. My experience with Danielle was superb. She understood and anticipated my needs and was able to find me the car I wanted even when it wasn't on the lot. She is extremely personable, caring, strives for excellence, and has a talent for making things happen. I had given up on this Volvo dealership in the past. Danielle is the sole reason I've given it a second chance.-Noah

Volvo FW is the only place I will purchase a vehicle going forward. Danielle, Kevin and the team were next level and the experience was unparalleled to anything else. If you're making a big purchase and want it to be handled with courtesy and respect, along with working with some fantastic people, then go to Volvo of Fort Washington. -Corey